Headquartered in Greenville, SC, the Titan Chemical Transfer Solutions leadership team is comprised of several seasoned professionals from the IBC container, closed chemical system, and customer-service oriented industries. Titan-CTS’s team of experienced professionals provides Purpose-Built solutions to give you a great selection of high quality DEF pumps and accessories at the best value.


Mark Daniels


Mark, a chemical engineer, has been a successful entrepreneur for nearly 30 years.  His success in the past led him to the creation of Titan Chemical Transfer Solutions in 2012.  His background in bulk container solutions, cryogenics, chemicals, plastics, and logistics positions him to help other industries reduce their overall supply chain costs.   Mark holds a B.S. from Lehigh University. Mark enjoys deep-sea fishing in his spare time.

Tom Nuckolls


Tom’s background in the fuel, lubricant and DEF industry qualifies him as a proven leader in our industry.  He has a strong commitment to focusing on customer needs and introducing new products requested by the market.  Tom earned his BA degree from the College of Charleston and enjoys golf and tennis.

Robert McLaughlin

Vice President of Operations

Commander of operations and logistics, Robert has over 20 years in manufacturing and distribution environments. With this experience, he possesses the necessary insight to problem-solve operational issues and provide customer service in an expedient and effective manner.  Robert attended Marist College and has a BA from Mercy College.  He enjoys golf and the Yankees.

Dave McAda

Chief Financial Officer

Financial accuracy, internal controls, and system integrity are a few of Dave’s responsibilities.  With over 25 years of providing financial integrity to firms in service-oriented industries, he applies that same customer service focus to Titan.  Dave has a BBA from Texas A&M University and is a CPA.  When not counting beans, pumps, or valves, he enjoys hiking and landscaping.

Ashley Blevins

Customer Service Manager

Skills of organization and problem-solving equip Ashley to lead the focus on customer service.  She has over 15 years of experience serving customers in fast-paced environments but with “white-glove” treatment.  Ashley will provide quotes for your product needs and coordinate the accurate billing of your account.  Ashley attended Winthrop University and Greenville Technical College.  She enjoys singing and playing keyboard in her band.

Robert Daniels

Product Development

After a 6 year stint in Washington, DC, Robert returned to his native Greenville, SC and joined Titan in 2016. Robert was a driving force in the development of Titan’s retail dispensers, and their approval by the National Conference on Weights and Measures. He has become deeply familiar with the challenges of the DEF market, and works to overcome them through innovation and technology. Robert is a graduate of the University of the South in Sewanee, TN and enjoys playing golf in his free time.

Greer Huguley

Regional Sales Manager

Greer brings 30 years of experience in Sales and Business Development including several years in the fuel, lubricant and DEF industry. He is adept at assessing customers’ needs and providing economical equipment solutions. Greer has a BS from The Citadel in Business Administration. He enjoys playing golf and yachting.

Phil Parker

Business Development

Phil started in 1978 as a manufacturer’s representative in the mid-Atlantic states. He moved on to become a distributor in the metro Philadelphia area selling, servicing and installing lifts, lube equipment, air compressors and car washes for four years. Phil started his own consulting business that focused on strategic business planning and operations tactics for manufacturing companies and distributor businesses who focus on fluid handling of petroleum products. He graduated from VMI and in his spare time enjoy sailing.